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TCE requires pre-hire letters from our many truck driver employers prior to enrolling a client in a CDL class. TCE has built a system that is seamless for our clients. It costs a student an average of  $160.00 per day for any delay due to the application process that keeps them from driving a truck!

TCE offers these services to help the student receive a pre-hire letter for employment from a commercial motor vehicle carrier.

  • Obtain a Criminal Background Report and Motor Vehicle Report (If you have been convicted of a felony, please print and fill out this form: Conviction Form)
  • Maintains inventory of the Motor Carriers for Local, Regional, and Over the Road that hire student graduates. Maintains applications for 90% of companies, unless they require applying online, if so, the students can use TCE’s computers.
  • Maintains up to 20 applications of carriers that will give pre-hires.
  • On going updating of the information for Local, Regional and Over the Road carriers.
  • Reviews all student applications to ensure that the applications are completed properly, to expedite the process. Sees that all errors are corrected and processes the applications along with other additional information required by the Motor Carrier to obtain pre-hire
  • Student will be provided one individual with direct access with many carriers who handles TCE’s applications. This ensures that TCE students are given prefernce over the other applications for review.
  • TCE is a knowledgeable resource to students prior to enrollment with up to date information on compensation and benefits offered by their many carriers.
  • 3 full time Placement specialists to ensure that each student will receive one-on-one care, and the knowledgeable specialists to handle any questions or concerns.
  • Students will have access to computers, telephones and fax machines for the purpose of finding pre-employment. In many cases this requires long distance charges at no expense to the student.
  • Applications have pre-applications (client-questionnaire) reviewed with an Admissions staff prior to application for pre-hire completed for the purpose of eliminating any carrier that they might not qualify for. Review process by friendly staff consists of motor vehicle reports, background checks, age requirements, health issues, and work history.
  • Two to three major Job Fairs per year.
  • TCE reviews applications for pre-hires by placement prior to submission to carriers. Saving an average of 7 working days.
  • TCE schedules weekly visits by various trucking companies to speak directly to students.
  • TCE makes follow calls to check with carriers on pre-hires.
  • Students will be notified by TCE when they have received pre-hire.
  • TCE will visit numerous carriers to verify attrition rates, average first year income, and retention rates. In essence we underwrite each carrier.
  • Placement handles transition from school to carrier, Each carrier has a different process that TCE has become specialized in.

TCE will set up and track paid training for students.

  • TCE, Inc. is the ONLY school with the ability to issue an on the spot conditional pre-hire.


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